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Parallel Lines

An Autobiography

This memoir is a poignant and rivetting story of a young African woman who finds herself in Europe and faces a different set of challenges. The book is about finding one's path and purpose. It is also journey of self discovery.

What is this life really about?

Norah Spie reveals the dreams and aspirations of a young African girl, as she grows up, goes to school, looks for her first job and has her first romance.

Her frank style clearly reveals her character, which springs out from the page as you read. 

Norah captures her life as a young Zimbabwean, growing up in a country that is marred by political and economic instability that resulted in very limited opportunities and provided new challenges. 

As Norah describes her life, the reader comes to an understanding of the mind of the new African, one that is seeking new and better horizons, looking for more than what is offered by traditional society. 

This account provides an insight into her needs and aspirations as a young woman, who in turn is a mirror through which today's Zimbabwean can be seen.



Top Dating Tips for Women over 40

This tongue in cheek dating handbook is a must read for those over 40 and find themselves dating again. Dating is no longer straight forward especially in this busy and ever changing world. One needs smart dating skills to navigate successfully during this phase. Spark! focuses on how to identify and attract the man you want by knowing yourself and therefore cutting the bullshit!

Reinvented & Victorious

The Anthology

This is a book about 14 powerful stories from women who challenged their insecurities and won.Perhaps you are wondering what it would take to kick the clasps of insecurity out of your life once and for all. Maybe you thought you had life all the way figured out, but then unexpected mess happened, leaving you depleted and wondering how to pick up all the pieces.These 14 incredible women share how they have come to discover the power of surrendering all they thought to they knew of their everyday reality to GOD, who in turn unveiled within them a strength that has resulted in determination, value of self, commitment to personal reinvention and so much more!


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Reinvented and Victorious

14 Women. 14 Stories

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